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Khatib Law LLC is the law firm of Mahmoud Khatib. It provides legal counsel and representation in estate planning (including wills and trusts), probate, and contracts. The firm is based in Smyrna, Georgia and serves clients in the Atlanta area and beyond.


Always Talk to an Attorney. Some firms make their clients communicate with paralegals, client coordinators, and client managers. You won’t find that here. Mahmoud always provides his clients with his direct, one-on-one legal counsel. 

Personal service. Some firms focus on churning through a high volume of clients. Mahmoud handles only a few client matters at a time in order to provide each and every client with personal service and prompt communication.

Convenience. Khatib Law LLC is a virtual law firm. Mahmoud offers his clients the convenience of handling legal matters through phone calls and video conferencing. To accommodate his clients’ work schedules, Mahmoud is pleased to offer appointments after normal business hours (evenings and weekends). Mahmoud also provides visits to his clients’ homes (“house calls”) when necessary.

Fairness. Mahmoud believes in fair and transparent pricing. He posts his pricing for most matters on this website. He is committed to providing his clients with efficient and practical legal solutions that save them time and money.

Honesty. Mahmoud honors his clients’ trust by always telling them the truth and acting in their best interests. His clients receive his candid advice – the good, the bad, and the ugly – so that they can make informed decisions.


Wills, trusts, and more…

Contract review, drafting, and negotiation


He went above and beyond to explain everything in great detail and didn’t bat an eye when we needed him to rewrite the entire will. He took great care to diligently research how to make our document compliant with my religious beliefs and he’s VERY RESPONSIVE… He’s the lawyer you want to trust with what happens to your loved ones after you die.”

– T. Shamma

“My husband and I reached out to Mahmoud when we were having an issue with an unethical wedding caterer… He was extremely helpful and really went above and beyond for us. He looked over the entire contract and all of our invoices and correspondence almost immediately, and within a few days had given us solid counsel… He really did his best to see our case all the way through to a happy resolution for us. We appreciate all his help so much, and will definitely recommend him to anyone with any contract issues!!”

– M. Lewis

“He deals with you as if you are a member of his family…”

– I. Nuaimi

“He is incredibly genuine, sincere, knowledgeable, a great communicator, direct and very accessible.”

– Y. Bai

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